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Around the year 2015, at the age of 22, Manali discovered her passion for baby photography and gave up her career as a Chartered Accountant to pursue her passion.

While she did not study photography, she attended several workshops and practiced religiously for months on end, till she got the hang of not just the photography, but also the art of handling babies. She loved babies but her got her confidence in dealing with newborns by volunteering for free shoots in hospitals and working under the supervision of nurses. Until one day someone called her and said “I want to book your services”.

This is how Mint and Peach Photography was born, carefully making its way through all the stigmas, religious norms and adorable but skeptical grandmas. The first half an hour of every shoot would be spent in comforting the grandmoms and the last half an hour in watching them in absolute awe of Manali’s skills.

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Mint & Peach Photography Experience

  • Every shoot is styled by Manali and a mood board is then created to achieve those dreamy photographs
  • Hassle free experience right from booking to delivery. Access to a whatsapp group with the team which will help you resolve and firefight all problems as well as act like your personal shopping assistant guiding you through colour palettes and outfits at every step of the way.
  • Our fully outfitted neonatal home studio, with best in class equipment from Canon and Elinchrome.
  • A changing room/feeding room cause we understand your every need.
  • Curated props and set ups, from around the world (inspiring other artists since 2016)
  • A gentle, studied yet fun way of working with babies (over 1200 shoots): huge experience, we know how to deal with any surprises
  • A team trained by Manali herself to handle and photograph young babies
  • Creativity that flows continuously as new sets are created almost every week!
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